Primer & Ultra bond & uv top and uv base coat

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15 ml as hard gel builders gel picture

How to use: Buff nail / nail tip. Clean and dehydrate nail with Nail Prep. Apply Builder Gel and cure for 3 minutes.

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10 ml cuticle softner picture

Use the cuticle softener by first soaking your hands in warm water for a couple of minutes, then massaging the softener into your cuticles. Allow it …

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0.p.i cuticle oil pen picture

Directions for use:  Cuticle Oil onto clean, dry nails and gently massage into nail and cuticle to help increase circulation to the nail bed and…

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14 ml as uv top coat - non wipe picture

Top coat, it is most usually used, and refers to the one which is sticky after curing, and shiny after cleanser wipes. ... No wipe top is also called…

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15 ml cuticle oil picture

Cuticle oil is a moisturizing product for your nails and cuticles. It's most commonly made up of vegetable oils and sometimes contains vitamins and c…

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15 ml base coat picture

base coat 

14 ml latex picture

How to Use Liquid Latex to Make Nail Art Cleanup Easier

  1. Step 1: Apply your base coat and/or your base color. It helps to pour a little liquid latex in…
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14 ml sina uv base coat picture

. A base coat is your best defense against staining. It "provides a clear protective layer between the nail and the pigment of the polish above," say…

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14 ml  sina uv top coat picture

Apply the top coat for gloss and protect your gel nail polish. 

Bake in lamp 60 sec in led - 36 w uv lamp 2 min.

Wipe after bake in lamp

10 ml matt top coat picture

Any nail polish shade you coat with it, even if it's been deemed no longer in style for whatever reason, will look new and updated and fresh for spri…

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10 ml nail prep picture

Gently push back the cuticle and remove all translucent skin from the nail plate surface. Skin contains oils and moisture which prevent proper adhesi…

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7.5 ml uv base and uv top coat each picture

How do you apply gel base coat?

Apply the gel nail base coat:Now on the 4 fingers (leaving the thumb out) apply a thin layer of the gel base coat, cap…

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