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Buffers & Sanding Sponge

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4 in 1 buffer picture
Straight buffer picture

  1. Use the large grit side of the buffer to buff your nails. ...
  2. Use the finer grit side of the buffer to polish your nails. ...
  3. Use the smooth side of th…

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Sanding sponge picture

Sanding sponge

7 in 1 buffer picture

7 in 1 Buffer 

O.p.i block buffer picture
Block buffer picture

How do you use a buffing block?

Use the large grit side of the buffer to buff your nails.Place the large grit side of the buffer on your nail. Using u…

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O.p.i  rhombus nail buffer- 220/280 grid picture

  1. Remove previous and existing nail polish with Expert Touch Lacquer Remover.
  2. Shape your nails with Edge 220/280 Grid Nail File by gently swiping throug…

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Mini sponge buffer picture

Mini Sponge Buffer

Mini block buffer picture

Mini block buffer

Mini pattern block buffer picture

Mini pattern block buffer

Mini sanding sponge picture

Mini sanding sponge

Sponge filer - rhombus  only purple 100/180 picture

Sponge Filer - Rhombus  only purple 100/180

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